Rooms within a hotel or nursing home tend to be of a standard design, which means the plumbing is similar for each room.

Carrying out ‘first fix’ plumbing on-site is repetitive, labour-intensive and time-consuming.

In addition, the wood framing often found within buildings presents a potential fire hazard when soldering with an open flame.

As a result clients are starting to demand ‘cold fixing’, which is more expensive to install.

We saw an opportunity to improve safety and efficiency by prefabricating a ‘first fix’ plumbing board off-site, which could be tested and installed in a fraction of the time.

No such product existed on the market, so we researched and developed our own bespoke solution.

Our unique ‘first fix’ plumbing board provides several benefits:

  • All on-site fitting is ‘cold’, reducing fire risk and improving safety
  • Standardised production increases efficiency
  • Use of solder fixings on boards reduces costs
  • The boards are created and tested in a controlled environment, ensuring quality and reliability
  • Less time is spent on site, making better use of manpower and benefiting the customer.

The innovative solution has proved to be a success. Major clients, including Premier Inns, now specify use of plumbing boards on all their premises.

The concept has spread across the industry, with other plumbing companies producing their own versions.

We will continue to research and develop new ways to improve our services and maintain our competitive edge.