We were subcontracted to install the HVAC systems for 30 hotel sites.

During the early planning stages it became apparent that the approved client designs were inadequate and would lead to serious issues and disruptions. A new proposal was agreed by the client and project team, including a requirement for specific engineered components.

Antony Grice is able to provide an efficient, cost-effective service through the manufacture and testing of customised modules off-site. This saves time during the on-site installation and testing phase. On this project, our engineering and design team essentially redesigned the entire plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems to create a more logical plan. This included the manufacture of several bespoke components.

The plan involved the installation of ridged pipe copperwork in the riser cupboards, splitting off into adjoining rooms. Ventilation ductwork was required to access the same area as the drainage soil pipe and hot and cold water facilities. We saw at once that space to work inside the riser cupboards would be at a premium.

We created custom ‘hotel backboards’ with two main focus areas, maximising the space available within the cavities provided and simplifying the piping systems of several areas, from heating to air conditioning. The new routed pipework with flexible connections allows one board to run pipes to several rooms.

The main backwall, which is prefabricated, had to allow space for ducting, waste pipes, water supplies and heating. Affixing anything to this board had proved problematic. However, by attaching reinforced brackets and enlarging the space behind the board, additional pipework could be fitted, and it was easier and safer to secure the gauges, valves, thermostats, no-return valves and other fixtures required.

In spite of the challenges, the project has been a success. The customised modules have surpassed expectations, and we will be employing this method on all 30 sites.